Thank you for your interest in volunteering to make FBF dolls. We have a couple ways to get started. Either way you choose, we look forward to having you!

Join our FBF Volunteers in Training group on Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/groups/728473613934259/ There you will find the official FBF doll and wig pattern so you can get started on your FBF “test” doll.

OR  While we recommend that anyone interested in becoming a volunteer join via facebook in order to take advantage of the support and helpful files available, there is the option to become a volunteer if you are not on Facebook by downloading the FBF doll and wig pattern here. 

Once you have the pattern you will make your test doll:

  1. Choose a child you know, that you would like to make a doll for. We suggest that it be for a sick child in need BUT it is NOT required that the child be sick. Just be sure you have a photo of the child to match the doll’s characteristics to and you have permission to share it with us so we can see how well you can create a doll to match a child.
  2. Then, make your “test” doll using the official FBF doll pattern and matching the characteristics of the child in the photo, such as eye and hair color and try to match their outfit to the best of your ability.  *Before starting your test doll please take a look at this “dos and don’ts” file to help you during your doll making process. 
  3. Then, once you are done with your “test” doll and you are happy with it, send us a photo of the doll and child that you used for your inspiration.
    • If you are on FB, simply post the pics to the Volunteers In Training page with attention to an admins.
    • If you are not on FB, email the photo to us at fbfdolls@gmail.com.


Once we approve your test doll you will then be given the information to become an official FBF volunteer and start receiving requests to make dolls for sick children in need.

Also, be sure to check us out on Pinterest where you will find lots of ideas and inspiration and feel free to email us with any other questions or concerns at fbfdolls@gmail.com.